We know how media works. We have produced nearly every kind of informational/historical/entertainment program for museums and visitor centers. We have produced a wide range of film and video productions for corporate clients, including commercials, product roll out pieces, sales promotions, client testimonials and event documentation.  We have created immersive simulations for GS-12, 13, & 14 training programs and lab procedure training videos for international clinical trials. Our expertise includes historical survey pieces, documentaries, and dramatic reenactments. And by reenactment, we don’t mean shooting uninspired actors in costumes going through the motions of a scene. We mean understanding the significance of the moment and bringing a strong theatrical background to bear on achieving a true performance that will remain in the visitor’s memory.

We have produced dozens of history interactives, halls of fame interactives, developed database systems to facilitate client updateable historical archive interactives, produced live internet interactives, and developed a range of fixed installation and traveling game show interactives. We have created interactive media for a wide variety of applications and clients, including tourism, marketing and fundraising programs, history museums, sports museums and halls of fame, corporate information, event staging, training, and consumer services…  to name a few.

In addition to production, Kirkland’s expertise includes the installation side of museum automation and kiosk hardware, theater design, and the various phases of interface with other members of the design team. Kirkland provides consultation and generates specifications and drawings where necessary for all communications/audio-visual wiring, conduit, and electrical plans.  He also consults on traffic flow, capacities and viewing angles, and determinations on room configurations where live or audio-visual presentations are a focus.  And in the often overlooked but critically important area of long term maintenance costs associated with any media installation, Kirkland provides estimates and recommendations for cost effective servicing and updating.

Key Production Team Members

David Kirkland developed his skills as a producer/director and av consultant through over 30 years of experience in the production industry specializing in film, video, and multimedia production and installation. First as a cinematographer, then a broadcast production manager – corporate and agency production experience followed and included writing, designing, multimedia development, project management, producing, and directing. David has spent the past 18 years as a consultant and producer/director focusing on media projects for commercials, corporate clients, and museums. Projects have included everything from documentary films and broadcast commercials to targeted educational, training and development programs.

This complete understanding of the production process enables him to manage media projects from planning to installation with confidence. He has effectively mobilized production teams for all kinds of projects all over the country and abroad. Whether it was shooting a corporation image piece in Hong Kong, producing a baseball history documentary in Kansas City, filming a dramatic Civil War locomotive chase in Atlanta, or providing video production for the launch of a new cancer treatment in Seattle; his top to bottom background affords Kirkland the ability to address all facets of the production equation effectively.

As an experienced writer, editor, and audio producer in his own right, David Kirkland will serve as an adjunct member and supervisor of each of the production processes. He will also be the primary point of contact for the client. Kirkland has been successfully completing projects with the team members below for over a decade, with some members even longer, and his team functions very effectively together to produce on-time and on-budget installations.

On the scripting side of the production process, writers Ken Koser and Mark Johnson have written feature film projects for theatrical distribution and network television, in fiction, historical fiction and documentary genres. They not only have extensive experience narrative storytelling but we are skilled interviewers of survivors, subject experts, and the general public. Together with Kirkland, they are accomplished interviewers of Fortune 500 CEOs, Senators, Governors, and former Presidents. In fact, Johnson has also served as speechwriter for Senator John Glenn of Ohio, former Senator and Veterans Affairs director Max Cleland, former Senator Sam Nunn, and former Speaker Newt Gingrich. He also written for Fred Smith, CEO of FedEx; Tom Chapman of Equifax; plus Roberto Goizueta, Neville Isdell, Don Keough and over 20 other Coca-Cola senior executives.

The place where media constructive design happens… Primary live editing responsibilities are supervised by David Kirkland. His 30 years of constructive design experience began with cutting film and continues today with state of the art non-linear systems. The lead graphic design and animation responsibilities are handled by Gavin Holmes. Gavin creates motion media, graphics and video content that moves messages and motivates audiences. He designs digital messaging for commercials, brand promotion, broadcast, corporate events, the web and mobility. He is a director, designer, motion graphics compositor, and 3D animator. He has 15 years of experience in the editorial and graphics field, serving as a senior VFX and motion graphic artist for high profile post-production houses including RIOT. He is experienced in bringing stills to life with his 2D editing techniques for many of our documentary projects. He has designed high end corporate projects with many national clients – Coca-Cola USA, Raytheon, Toyota, Beautyrest, The Weather Channel, Good Morning America, NBC and Merck among others. His award winning work combines editorial expertise with signature 2D and 3D animation talents to achieve top level national projects that keep clients returning year after year for his cutting edge graphic concepts. Our 3D graphics and animation producer/editor, Kevin Christopher, not only has over 20 years of experience creating network quality 3D animation and graphics, but he is skilled at authoring interactive programs and writing automation control code on all of our museum projects. He is proficient in Final Cut Pro, Adobe CC, and 3D MAX, as well as many supporting software programs. He has audio mixing skill in Logic and Cubase/Nuendo. Kevin has advanced DVD authoring skill in Scenarist as well as authoring in DVD Studio Pro. And he has advanced level knowledge of Autocad Architectural which utilizes his degree in architecture. It comes in handy when executing our more complex structural animation projects and model fly-throughs. And he has edited feature films as well.

We have produced audio environments and audio theater for a wide range of applications. At the High Museum of Art, we brought a Mattie Lou O’Kelley painting to life allowing children to “step into the painting”. We have recreated the sounds of the first submariners piloting the Hunley, the thunder of ten city blocks exploding in Mobile, the nighttime sounds of the Okefenokee, soldiers voicing letter home from the front in the Civil War, the lively conversation of the regulars in a barbershop reveling in the success of the Negro Leagues in Kansas City, and the WWII sounds of the mess hall and a spirited conversation with General Patton for the company Street at the National Infantry Museum – just to name a few. The music composer on the team, Raoul Klokow, has been scoring music and editing soundtracks since the late 80’s. Before that he was an engineer for a variety of sound recording studios. He has composed original music scores for a wide variety of clients. Networks include TBS, TNT, Speed Channel, CNN, ESPN, Cartoon Network, ABC, Tuner South, The Golf Channel, and The Weather Channel. Commercial clients include Coca-Cola USA, Arby’s, NAPA, Rhodes Furniture, and NASCAR. His skill with matching the right sounds to the image is unmatched. He has been part of the sound team on projects with us for 17 years.

Selected Past Projects

An Olympic welcome center project that encompassed six computer interactive tourism guides for the six southeastern states, a videowall production promoting tourism for the Georgia State Parks Service, Stone Mountain Park, Lake Lanier Islands, Federal Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and two computer interactive displays with real time promotional video elements promoting Georgia tourism. In addition, all security equipment (cameras, time lapse recorders, motion detectors, etc.) were specified and installed. Also managed Panasonics corporate Olympic in-kind equipment sponsorship.

Museum including seven video and audio presentations, a history timeline computer interactive and a theater presentation, all produced featuring the people of Savannah narrating of their own story (our mission to engage Savannah’s youth, accomplished through the power of their own neighbors’ memories – telling their personal stories).

Marketing video promoting Lucent’s name and product line to European customers from their base in Ireland.

University of Louisville Interactive Theater highlighting game footage and statistics for each entry – over 80 All- American and pro players.

An interactive theater covering the history and recruiting advantages of the 8 different sports represented by the Women’s Athletics Department at the University of Arkansas.

New visitor center production and installation included producing an extensive orientation interactive with park info, calendars, retail and rental information and maps. Other installations included audio environments, an animatronic storyteller with video projection, an animal sounds jukebox and a multiple scenario “Can You Manage It?” computer interactive game designed to educate the public on the consequences of wildlife management decisions. Similar elements have been produced and installed in federal, state and county park visitor centers in 7 other states.

Kansas City, where the project scope included environmental audio and visual effects, full lighting/audio production and programming for general museum environmental Crestron automation, as well as theater lighting, projection and sound control systems.

Return to the Kansas City museum to add 5 additional video playback systems, a new 4-screen projection system, an update to the Crestron automation and a new audio environment. New production included the dialogue and effects production for the audio environment and historical footage assembly/editing for the projected elements.

Corporate sponsored installation celebrating the Negro Leagues era in Pittsburgh including 7 outdoor interactive kiosks, an automated screening theater (multiple video playback, lighting and projection) and the production of a celebrity narrated documentary on the history of the Negro Leagues in Pittsburgh.

Corinth MS, where the project scope included 4 audio stations, 3 computer interactives, and full lighting/theater automation and control system for a specially designed 7 screen video program.

Reno campus museum interactive display that utilized an existing video and converted it into 25 different interactive elements. Similar projects for UC Santa Barbara, San Jose State University, US Air Force Academy and others.

University of Louisville interactive highlights theater, a large screen basketball trivia game interactive, and environmental sound effects.

Produced a promotional video for their 40 million dollar capital fundraising campaign in addition to several other video projects over a five year period.

Developed and produced from script to fulfillment an interactive CD-ROM with multiple video elements to be used both as employee orientation and physician recruitment.

10 interactive displays, video stations, audio environments including letters from Civil War soldiers spoken from the battlefront and the crew of the Hunley on an attack run; and an interactive light show and audio experience to recreate the massive powder magazine explosion on the waterfront at the end of the Civil War.

Video projection theater, history interactives, audio environments, video stations, video diorama and audio with controlled lighting displays.

Produced from script to screen a 25 minute dramatic film recreation of the “Great Locomotive Chase“ between the Texas and the General and installed the accompanying theater, as well as 10 other interactives, narrative stations and audio environments – a quarter million dollar project.

10 interactive programs within a dual monitor station at two venues. Interactives included Hall of Fame, Staff profiles, Great Moments, Athletic History, Trivia game, Video Profiles, and two Wisconsin High School Association Hall of Fame interactives. Hall of Fame is easily client updatable for yearly additions.

Hall of Fame inductee interactive archive with text photos and video, three-player trivia interactive game, automation system overhaul. Hall of Fame is easily client updatable for yearly additions.

Hall of Fame interactives for Football and 10 other UGA sports, including video playback and sorting functions. Hall of Fame is easily client updatable for yearly additions.

Hall of Fame interactives for the new gymnastics and basketball complex, including video playback and sorting functions. These Hall of Fame programs update easily with the same system as the previous installation so that one person can maintain both facilities.

Interactive modules covering 100 years of WVU football history including archives of photos and artifacts as well as a Hall of Fame interactive. Database system designed for the staff to easily maintain with minimal computer skills.

Five interactive programs covering the history of the games and the players including a Hall of Fame interactive. Designed for the staff to update themselves without need for outsourced maintenance.

Over 3 dozen video productions, spanning the last 8 years, on proprietary subjects for several different divisions including new drug launch videos, meeting support media production, incentive/promotional videos, awards videos, patient interviews, doctor and thought leader interviews, training programs, and documentaries.

Re-fitting audio environments and audio theater programs for six different buildings at the museums WWII “Company Street” exhibits. Audio re-enactments included conversations in a busy mess hall at breakfast, and General Patton in a heated discussion with his aide.

Touchscreen Interactive archive honoring fallen Rangers with their individual history, bios and photographs installed in the Wall of Honor Memorial in Ranger HQ at Fort Benning.

Archive including six interactive sections on the history, people and restoration of the St George Island, Florida lighthouse. Includes video programs, artifacts, historic documents and photos, and user-updateable database tool.

Large exhibition show display (20′ x 40′) for the Marine, Combat, Information and Aerospace divisions of General Dynamics recruitment program. AV includes nine 40” monitors on an HDMI distribution system that is also switched with a live camera during stage presentations, four interactive touchscreen computers for recruiters, eight iPads with remote control apps for the desktop computers, and a 50” touchscreen presentation interactive. All breakdown and ship on a multi-year / multi-city schedule.

Ongoing direct overflow work for NPS AV Production Specialist Eric Epstein – AV repairs,replacement, and installation.

Selected Client List

American Express
Apple Computers, Inc.
Bristol-Meyers Squibb
Callaway Gardens
Carter Presidential Library
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Cox Enterprises/Manheim Auctions

The Coca-Cola Company
Coca-Cola USA
Ernst & Young
Gourmet Concepts
High Museum of Art
Johnson & Higgins
Life of Georgia
Lucent Technologies
Georgia Department of Tourism

MCI Worldcom Asia/Pacific
Merck, Inc.
National Park Service
Paradies Shops
Six Flags Over Georgia
Southern Museum
United States Army
US Fish & Wildlife Service