AV Systems Production

Project Expertise

  • Pre-Design Concept Development
  • Design and Specification of AV Systems
  • Smooth Interface With GC, PM, EE, and EC
  • Digital and Analog AV Distribution Systems
  • Black Box Development for Custom Applications
  • Integrated Lighting and Media Experience Production
  • Long Term Maintenance Planning

Installation Experience

  • All Major Automation Systems – Crestron, AMX, Stumpfl
  • Low Voltage Wiring, Lighting, Sound, and Video Systems
  • Audio Environments and Experience Spaces
  • Performances Spaces / Live Theaters
  • Multimedia Theaters

AV Systems Notes

We have enjoyed installing every kind of system from the most complex lighting, projection, sound effects experience theaters to the simplest audio background environment. They all have one thing in common. The audience couldn’t care less about the hardware. Its the experience that matters. So whatever the need, we look for the most cost effective and evocative way to achieve an experience that fulfills or client’s mission … while keeping our client’s long term sustainability in mind.

Over the past twenty years we have worked on a large variety of installations in several capacities. Sometimes on a consulting basis to write specifications for upcoming bid projects, and sometimes as the winning bidder. On large ground-up construction job sites we’ve been subcontractor for the general contractor, worked as a sub for exhibit and display companies, or worked directly for the client. All all cases we’ve strived to establish a smooth relationship with engineers, project managers, and other contractors. Our mission is to provide them with all the plans and specifications they needed to meet the project budget and deadlines without drama or unexpected cost. And of course, we are always aware that as the last finishing element in the process, we must get it right, because we will be the ones to step away with the polishing cloth as the launch party begins.