Interactive Production

Project Expertise

  • Hall of Fame Archives
  • History and Instructional Interactives
  • Client Branded Interactive Games
  • Interactive Multiplayer Game Shows
  • Museum Archive Databases
  • End User Updatable Database Archives

Distribution Experience

  • Development for Laptop and Tablet
  • Live Staged Location Installations
  • Permanent Kiosk Installations
  • Web-based Interactives
  • Integrated Museum Automation System Installations

Interactive Development Notes

Interactives need to be visually engaging as well as content rich to not only attract interest, but keep the viewer engaged. Our interactives are the result of blending this knowledge with the goals of our clients to achieve the best possible sustained communication with the viewer. Regardless of the demographic or mission  involved, we can effectively inform, teach, or test the viewer…  whether it’s a lab training exercise, a sales competition, a sports hall of fame, or a child’s learning tool.

In an interactive with content that changes over time, the advantage a true user updatable database is crucial to the long term success and relevance of a sizable investment in design and hardware. There is nothing that makes a space look more neglected than an out of date or dark interactive screen. That’s why we’ve developed a simple and easy system for archive and hall of fame interactives that allows the user to input new data into a common spreadsheet interface. It automatically populates the the menus and end pages with new text, pictures and videos. And we’ll always provide free support to help you get started. You’ll have a fresh and current exhibit without the expense or the hassle of conducting a manhunt for the designer.