Film and Video Production

Project Expertise

  • Historical Documentary and Dramatic Films
  • High Profile Interviews
  • Broadcast Commercials
  • Corporate and Product Launch Productions
  • Non-profit Fundraising and Development Programs
  • Training and Informational Programs for Targeted Audiences

Distribution Experience

  • Broadcast
  • Live Presentations
  • Permanent Installations
  • Web-based Programming
  • DVD Authoring / Complete Fulfillment Packaging

Film and Video Production Notes

We have a deep basic understanding of production and the critical nature that structure plays in every production situation no matter the content or scope. The way a production piece is structured, whether it’s a commercial or a training video, will in the largest part determine the successful communication of the objective ideas the piece is trying to convey. Without the proper structure, all the expensive graphics effects and costly talent in the world will not achieve your goal. That is why we focus on getting the structure right in the initial stages of project development. This approach to laying out the information correctly is the same for a feature film or a simple audio player. It’s easy to get it wrong. That’s where our experience makes all the difference. We understand structure.

Production is also about working with people to produce the best on-camera message, and this for us, is a successful and enjoyable part of the production process. To keep a crew motivated and happy in hour 15 of a production day, to get the best possible performance from an actor or narrator when there’s more script than time, to understand the limitations and the possibilities for getting a memorable moment from a cancer patient, or a 7 year-old contest winner, or a CEO who wants to change a company culture – these are the production situations where we excel, because we understand people and see the moments that can derail a production and move past them to deliver an on-budget on-time program.